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How does Gmail decide to thread email messages?

There are headers in an email message which contain information about which thread the email message belongs to. I don't know for sure that Gmail uses these headers, but I would be very surprised if ...
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How can I forward an entire conversation and retain attachments in Gmail?

There is an icon "Forward All" in Gmail which can achieve this:- Needless to say, this option is only visible when a conversation has more than 1 email. However, this clubs all the ...
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Gmail email conversation always going to archive

Gmail does not automatically archive anything unless you tell it to do so. Check your Gmail filters to see which of them have the "Skip the Inbox" action checked.
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Edit message as new in Gmail

In Gmail, enable IMAP in Settings » Forwarding and POP/IMAP. Install Thunderbird, and configure the Gmail account using IMAP. In Thunderbird, right-click on email to forward, and choose Edit as New ...
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Put together several messages into one conversation in Gmail

You can create new label and put several conversations under the same label, so anytime you can easily find conversations you linked via the label.
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Gmail conversations sorted by last activity

Up to my knowledge that's not possible through the web interface, but I know for sure that's possible in many e-mail offline clients like Evolution or Claws Mail.
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How to delete (trash) gmail conversations while keeping all "Sent" messages

There has got to be a better way, but I've found a clunky work-around. Sharing it here in case others have the same problem I do. go to settings (the gear icon) and turn conversation view off, then ...
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Can I show the individual messages of a thread in Gmail?

Go to settings and select "Conversation View" and click save.
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Starred conversations diving into oblivion

Based on this thread from the google products forum, it is the intended behavior and there is no way to "bump" starred conversations when a new message arrives.
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Gmail conversation sender

I also experience this annoyance, and have looked into it. To answer your question, there is no setting which will fix this. It normally works well, but on threads where the senders are using the ...
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