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Either A OR B and A | B work for me.


How can I stop Gmail from marking my conversations as important other than the ones I have as filters? You can't. Gmail tries to be smarter than it is and, even if you tell it not to predict, it will continue to try to guess which messages are important and which aren't, albeit supposedly at a lower rate.


I assume you create labels using a filter like "to:a@a.com". Your problem are presumably emails that are sent to both of your email addresses. In order to avoid an email being labelled by both you can simple create a new filter set A', B' using a negation operator on one of the two: A'="to:a@a.com" B'="to:b@b.com" -"to:a@a.com" So now messages that have ...


Example gmail XML code: Here is my example of what you can import that is a compilation of what i have exported from my own gmail and examples pulled from @marikamitsos 's example of "Gmail Operators" Note: I took out the, <id>, <updated>, <author>, <content>, <sizeOperator> and <sizeUnit> sections, as they are auto ...

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