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Gmail label sorting: how to move a label to the bottom of the list

The Lydian letter A (𐤠) can be used as the initial letter of an '𐤠rchive' parent label that will appear after English-alphabet labels
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How do I delete a Gmail filter that is set on a specific word - no other criteria and it does not show under filter with settings

The filters are shown in the Gmail settings on the Gmail web app. If the filter is not shown there, something else is adding the label. To find the filters, click the Settings button (gear / cogwheel ...
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After removing a label only some of the messages can be found in All Mail

I read two similar queries, but they don't help me If you are going to refer to content, include a link so we can know what you are talking about. They taught me that the content of a label that has ...
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Is there a way to disable Archiving?

Conversation View "Conversation View" (threaded messaging) is an optional feature, and can be turned off in Gmail as follows: Navigate to the "General" tab in Gmail's "...
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