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Google common user account needed to access services provided by Google.

A Google account is a user account that is required in order to access services provided by Google.

Many Google services, such as their Google Search, does not require the user to have a Google account. However, one is required if they wish to track their history through the search service.

Some of the Google services which require a Google account include:

On this site tags for other services that could require a Google account use google as prefix:

There are two kinds of Google accounts

  • Common accounts for personal use. Usually have a email address as primary email address but accounts that haven't signed up for Gmail could have an email address from other domains as primary email address.
  • G Suite accounts for organizations. Always have a custom domain email address as a primary email address and can't have a email address as a secondary address.

Usage guidance

  • Use this tag for questions about Google common accounts
  • Use for questions about G Suite accounts.