You can build a custom parser for any fixed JSON string using regular expressions. For example, if you want to extract the child items into columns you can do the following (assuming your JSON string is in A1): =SPLIT(REGEXREPLACE(INDEX(REGEXEXTRACT(A1,"(\[(\n|\s|""|\w|,)+\])"),1),"(\[|\]|\n|\s|"")",""),",") You can adapt this formula to suit whatever ...


Redirectnator v1.1 is a spreadsheet created by Jeff Louella. It has a function built-in, with server code (301/302/200/404) and final url. You can make a copy here : https://www.thetechseo.com/seo-tools/redirect-checker/ Here's the script you can use/modify : function redirectCheck(url, user, pwd) { try { function getResp(url, user, pwd){ ...


Iframes are not allowed in GitHub As stated on the GitHub site here and here, iframes are not allowed in GitHub There may be a workaround though through Zap (may be because I haven't tried it myself). Once you create your Zap account you get to see quite a few triggers. Please give it a try and let us know how it goes.

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