For questions about specific features of Google web applications for Google Apps accounts. G Suite (aka Google Suite) is the new name for Google Apps. It is a suite of products for business clients of Google. Do not use this tag for general Google applications.

Google Apps is the umbrella term and features three main options:

  • Google Apps for Work - paid version with fee charged per account.
  • Google Apps Ultimate - premium paid version.
  • Google Apps for Education - free to schools and universities and combines features from both the Work and Ultimate versions.

Administrators are able to submit a support ticket even to have phone support, but it's required PIN that it's available at the administrator panel.

Use the if your question is related to the use of a Google web application feature that is offered only to Google Apps accounts.


Nonprofit and Government versions are also available.

Google Apps Free edition (Legacy) - Used to be named "Google Apps Standard" or just "Google Apps". At this time it's not available for new customers and it doesn't include several features available for the other three editions.