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When you click create account it will automatically put at the end. If you type the whole email address you want, for example the will disappear and you can log in to gmail through an email that is not


Why don't you just download the files and the emails and then move them to your personal machine using a USB or some other online file sharing tool, for example: WeShare?


The two best options I've concocted so far, given a link to a msgid search with original URL are: Use a http-only redirect link and remove the user-id-enumerator ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ ^^^^^...


Copy the slides and then paste them in Google Docs.


Try replacing one line of your code with this if (r.getColumn() < 9 && ( ss.getName()=='WEST' || ss.getName()=='EAST' || ss.getName()=='NORTH' || ss.getName()=='SOUTH' ) ) { It's a bit long, but it follows your current logic.

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