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How to activate 2-Factor Authorization with authenticator for a Google account?

Even to activate the Authenticator, first you need to complete SMS/Voice setup. Then, follow the directions for your type of device explained on Google Help page for 2-Step Verification. Read this ...
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How can I set up Google Authenticator (TOTP) for 2-step verification on my Google account?

One thing I suggest to try is to set up 2-factor with your phone number first. It could be that Google only allows TOTP once a phone number is associated with the account as a back-up.
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How to use HOTP 2-FA (e.g. Google Authenticator) for a Google account?

Thanks to @Ramhound's comment: First set up 2-FA verification through a text message. Just a phone number required, doesn't have to be an Android phone and thers's no account on the phone involved, ...
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How can I access my Google account while overseas?

Use a different 2FA Since you'll be traveling so often (making backup codes alone not an appealing option), you should switch from text or voice codes to authenticator codes. What this means is that ...
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Why should I use the Google Authenticator app instead of SMS?

SMS is the most common way to deliver OTPs. It’s convenient as almost everyone has a phone so they can easily get SMS. At the same time, SMS is considered as one of the least secure methods to get an ...
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