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Can I somehow get Google calendar to make a noise 5 mins before my meetings even if chrome is closed? (Windows 10)

You might want to experiment with Their standalone product do exactly what you did ask.
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How to get total event time of Google Calendar events into Google Sheets based on certain conditions?

How would this be edited to pull this data daily for 12 different people? My use case is determining amount of productive time for associates each day, and having that auto-populate to a sheet to ...
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How to block time using external calendars in Google Calendar?

I managed to solve this by writing an AppScript to duplicate my private events into a separate org calendar in the company and auto-adding the user email as attendee.
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Why can't people access a shared calendar from the link I provided?

'Modify Events' requires users have a Google Account If you want people to be able to do any of add, remove, or edit events in your calendar: They will need to have a Google account Add their account ...
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Does Gmail, Google Docs & Google Calendar Offline work with Offline Storage in Firefox?

In Google Chrome, Google Calendar has an "Offline" menu in the settings from where this functionality can be enabled: A user-agent switcher such as User-Agent Switcher and Manager can be ...
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Is there a way to add a meeting occurring certain time every (let's say) third Wednesday of the month into Google Calendar?

On, go to a third Wednesday of the month into Google Calendar, then custom, then monthly on the third Wednesday:
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