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This solution seems to work for me: The query string in the above link: gl=US&theme=dark sets the location to US and theme to dark Try creating a bookmark with the above URL and see if that does what you're after.


What I do is log out of all accounts then pull up Gmail and YouTube in separate tabs. Click the sign in button for each one and then type in the email for each one. Then type in the password for each one and click the sign in button for each one. It'll then log you into your school account for Gmail and personal account for YouTube and "set" each email as ...


On VB 6.0.14 I had similar settings as you and needed to use VMSVGA disable (uncheck) Display > Acceleration: activate 3d acceleration to get 3d Google maps on Fedora 30 Gnome guest in Chrome. Unfortunately I lost dual display support with this change, what made me return to VBoxSVGA without 3D Support (couldn't make it work).


On the top left corner you find and click the "burger menu" (three parallel lines) Once there, you click and activate the traffic graph (it turns light blue). Following that, you can find the traffic graph on the bottom of the map (in the middle of it) with an option for either Live traffic or Typical traffic

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