I know that this is a pretty old post, but for people which get here by googling, I want to say, that you can download the clean trunk instead of the entire repository with wget using this address: [project_name_here].googlecode.com/svn/trunk Instead of: code.google.com/p/[project_name_here]/source/browse/trunk


Bintray.com is a social platform for community-based software distribution. It is also the only platform that integrates developer tools (Build tools, etc.) and APIs, allowing full process automation, including auto-generating of indexes for multiple repository formats and also, the platform is highly available and optimized to deliver high-performance ...


An option is to output the file name as well as the HYPERLINK() function. This should allow you to: sort the output, lookup the file name and return hyperlink (or vice versa, according to your preference) In this snippet, str is the hyperlink and str2 is the name of the file. The final line of code is simply setValues rather than setFormulas while (files....


The Google Developers Chart Gallery include examples of charts and buttons with the text "CODE IT YOURSELF ON JSFIDDLE", so we could say that Google Code Playground, at least in relation to the Charts API, was moved to JSFIDDLE.


Sourceforge is doing its best to use this opportunity to rise from its ashes: SourceForge welcomes Google Code open source developers, to distribute downloads from our open source platform. By distributing your releases at SourceForge you’ll get a complete download analytics, and the opportunity to tap into a large open source community. We already ...

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