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Go to Contacts and in the left-side menu click on Other contacts (last item from the list). From there, either scroll until you find the respective contact or search for it in the search field. When you find it, click on the three vertical dots in the far-right side and then click on delete.


Why so much B's on a simple request just erase all my emails just forget it .I guess ur service is not what u abratuse.delete my account my registration with ur app


I found the answer and would like to record it here in case anyone else ever has this problem. Look at your Google Contacts and check that the folder "Other Contacts" exists. If not, that's the problem! Recreate it, and voilà, your new correspondents will automatically be added to your contacts, and autocomplete will work in the compose window as it ...


Open powershell and type cat *.vcf > .\merge\merge.vcf

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