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How to apply a Google Docs template styles to an existing doc

It's sort of a hassle, but copy paste a block of text with a title, subtitle, header 1,2,3,4, etc into your old doc, then one by one, select a bit of the text with the correct style, and "update Title ...
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How to apply a Google Docs template styles to an existing doc

Just worked out that at the bottom of the styles menu you can save current styles as your default. Makes it a bit easier.
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URL to create new Google doc from Template Gallery *and* set folder destination

The big difference between the two is that creating a "copy" doesn't copy any attached scripts. ... Creating a new doc via the Template Gallery preserves the scripts. When creating a copy ...
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How do I add a google doc to the Docs template gallery?

It looks like Google is no longer allowing people using consumer accounts, like those having a primary email address from, to submit templates. This is only possible now with accounts from ...
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Showing Inline Section Headers in Document Outline

Assign the header to the full text first, THEN manually change the font size, weight, color, etc. of the subsequent body text. The body text will still be assigned to whatever header you assigned it ...
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Google doc access to anyone but keeping mastercopy as it is

It is not possible to open or use Google doc without google account. Here is what you can do to protect your master template: Create a template and share it publicly view only. Grab the url and ...
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How to apply a Google Docs template styles to an existing doc

Open the template document, delete everything, copy&paste your document there, select all, press C-\ to remove styling, copy&paste back to your original document. Note that the C-\ step is not ...
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Specify a default document template in Google Docs

duplicate this document Google Docs Style Template - Arial or create one with the following lines, each formatted according to its name. (i.e. Title is formatted as a Title from the drop down, The ...
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