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How to circle a part of an image? How to edit an image?

Using Google Drawings, it's integrated in Google Docs. If your image is already inserted in the document, Cut the image. Click Insert > Drawing > + New. Paste the image in the Google Drawings ...
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There is an invisible and unselectable image in one of my Google docs that only shows up when published. How do I remove it?

In Google Docs, as some other word processors, the basic structural element is a paragraph. Briefly, this means that the image might have a parent paragraph. Using the published version as a reference,...
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Google Doc with "Document Tab"?

The name of the feature is Document Outline. Old and new docs show a button on the left side below the Google Docs log > Zoom (magnifier icon). On hover it shows Show document outline. Button ...
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How to use text from capturing groups in Google Docs regex replace?

As stated previously, you can't use regular expressions or capture groups in the replace field with Google Docs. But here's an easy workaround for a portion of your specific case. To replace \n with a ...
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How do I find out the total time spent on a Google Doc?

First, expand your edit history and copy and paste all of it into a text file. Then, you can run this Python script to calculate the total time you spent on it. I have tested this and it works ...
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How to sort numbered list on Google Docs in reverse order

I found a manual workaround. You can right click on the first number in your list and choose the option "Restart numbering" and input the last number. You can then do this for the next ...
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