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All Google Docs URL parameters/functions/commands?

In a Cordova/Ionic app, I am embedding the following in an iFrame and found the following: <iframe id="viewerFrame" sandbox="allow-scripts allow-same-origin" style="width:...
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Stuck with a google sheets IF formula for generating boolean strings

Use filter() and join(), like this: =join(" OR ", filter("""" & B8:B & """", len(B8:B))) See filter() and join().
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How can I reduce the vertical spacing in a Google document's table of contents?

Google Documents has fixed the issue. Example of a newly generated ToC:
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Error trying to login: "This service cannot be accessed because your login request contained saml assertion that has already been used once"

I have searched the web using the fragment of the error message: This service cannot be accessed because your login request contained saml assertion that has already been used once This returned ...
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What's the shortcut to add emojis in Google Docs text comments?

... While you need to do the special colon thing as mentioned by Ansjovis86 in his (unfortunately incorrect) answer within the doc itself... the default OS emoji shortcut actually does work in the ...
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Perform basic maths on contents of Google Document (not spreadsheet)

The easiest way to use formulas in a table in Google Docs is to build your table in Sheets and then copy it over, keeping it linked when prompted. Here's an example where I copied three different ...
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How do I add a google doc to the Docs template gallery?

It looks like Google is no longer allowing people using consumer accounts, like those having a primary email address from, to submit templates. This is only possible now with accounts from ...
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Placeholders in Google Docs. Possible?

Google recently introduced a dynamic placeholders feature for Google Workspace* they called Variable Chips. Google Workspace Updates, May 2023: Simplify workflows in Google Docs with variable chips ...
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