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Your document will be indexed if the link is put on a web page, or if you tell the Google Search Console about a website where it's placed. The Google crawlers move amongst websites on the surface web, so if your file is not put on an existing web page on the surface web, it will not be indexed. Note that many web pages are in the deep web, for example by ...


Instead of OR use owner:(|


Create a folder for every person. In each folder, put shortcuts to the files they need. You can create a shortcut for an item by right-clicking it, then selecting "Add a shortcut to Drive"; move the shortcut to the individual's folder once you have created the shortcut. Now, share each person's individual folder with them. They can then download ...


I solved this conundrum using Rclone with the copy command. (Short explanation: Rclone is an open-source command line tool for managing files and folders in cloud storage — it lets you copy, move, sync, list, and whatever else you would want to do with files.) What you'll need to do: Install Rclone Set up a Google Drive remote for your My Drive (or a Shared ...

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