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Google Forms/Sheets - How to recover ownership access for a form and sheet that has no Owners, only Editors?

If your files were created with a consumer account, whether the primary email address is gmail.com or another domain, only the owner can transfer ownership to another user. If this is the case with ...
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Where do I see the list of recent notifications in google drive webapp?

In late 2023, Google Drive rolled out a new "Activity" view that shows (across different documents / files) where there are comments in which you've been tagged: https://workspaceupdates....
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How can I open the .docx file stored in Google Drive with Google Doc?

I also faced this issue when uploading a .docx file from Linux created in LibreOffice and was able to workaround this by removing the .docx extension from the file. I'm guessing that for some reason ...
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Is it possible to recursively share folders (with all their content) in Google Drive?

The permissions are inherited, however, in my experience, there can be significant delay (minutes) until the permissions are propagated down. Same for removing them.
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