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How to export comments from Google Docs

After reviewing all the options I could find, I would say there really isn't what I would call a good way to do exactly what's described in the question. Full answer 1: Use a Google Workspace ...
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How can I save links to Google Drive?

If you are in an environment where everyone you are sharing with has a Windows PC, you can create a .url file that will act as a link. Unfortunately, I'm not aware of any cross-platform equivalent if ...
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How can I download a huge folder from Google Drive?

You can use rclone utility. Install via apt install rclone. Syntax: rclone copy --drive-root-folder-id 1-shared-id-XXX-YYYY gdrive: localdir where gdrive is the name of your remote that you've ...
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Is it possible to upload videos from a Shared Drive from Google Drive to YouTube?

There's an easy way on Android - I have a Google Pixel 7 and works great. Log into YouTube Go to the video you want to upload Click the 3 dots and click 'send a copy' Select the YouTube icon That's ...
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