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Google Forms is an integral part of the Google editors' suite. Its use is to collect responses. It can work with or without Google Sheets.


Google Forms has two UI, the old and the new, and has one set of features available for all Google Forms creators and few that are only available for users with Google Apps for Work or similar accounts.

When to use this tag

Use for questions about :

  • forms created and edited using the Web UI of Google Forms.
  • forms created and edited using the Forms Service of Google Apps Script. Add the on these questions.
  • forms features for Google Apps for Work accounts. Add the on these questions.
  • responses submitted through forms created with Google Forms.

When don not use this tag

Don't use this tag for

  • questions about forms that use the Google Apps Script HTML Service. Instead use only the tag .
  • submit feedback to Google. Instead use the feedback channel provided in the application or use the official help forum (see the next section).

Official support channels