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No, there isn't. The alternative is to use another web app or to create your web form by using HTML/CSS/JavaScript (this could be done by using Google Apps Script).


Google Forms doesn't include a way to hide sections on the editor view. I think that the only alternative is to use a user script (bookmarklet / grease monkey, etc.) but I don't think this could be done easily because the form code is generated automatically and some class names and tag ids change every time that Google made the slightest change to the ...


On Google Forms there isn't a way to do that validation. The alternative is to change your questions, maybe use a multiple choice (radio button) asking do you like any of these fruits? . If the respondents select Yes send them to a checkbox question, if they select No, send the to another section or submit the form.


This website offers a feasible solution: I just tried it and it works very nicely. This is a demo. Their video tutorial walks you through the necessary steps. In a nutshell one needs to copy their Google sheets file including the necessary scripts and then activate and edit it. Using scripts from unknown parties can be potentially ...


I solved my zip code problem that begins with a "0" this way... Highlight column, go to format tab, click on "number", "more formats" and then "custom number formats" Since my zip codes are only 5 digits I typed in "00000" and hit apply. and it worked!


The file upload question requires that the respondent is signed in by using a Google account. One alternative is to use Google Apps Script to create a web application that run as you but you should create your form by using HTML/CSS/JavaScript.

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