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How can you open a Google Form that is closed without the owner account?

If the form is no longer accepting responses, you will have to ask the form owner or another person who has edit access to the form to re-open it in order to submit another response.
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How to get values from sheet of Google Form responses to main sheet?

Array Formula An array formula in 'Main Sheet'!D11 will dynamically add new values to 'Main Sheet'!D11:D as new form submissions populate values in 'Form Responses 2'!C11:C. Formulas There are many ...
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Google Forms/Sheets - How to recover ownership access for a form and sheet that has no Owners, only Editors?

If your files were created with a consumer account, whether the primary email address is or another domain, only the owner can transfer ownership to another user. If this is the case with ...
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