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Remove "labels" overlay on new Google Maps

[Updated September 2023] Click the Layers box on the left bottom corner. Click More on the far right of the pop-out menu. Click Satellite. Uncheck Labels. Screenshots below for reference:
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Can I use Google's Timeline to get the times I've been to a specific location?

No, Google Maps doesn't let you do that. It frustrated me as well, so I've written a python script that does just that. You can find it here: https://github.com/matthieuheitz/google-data-analyses/blob/...
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Is there a way to export my starred locations from Google Maps?

Go to https://takeout.google.com/ and select only Maps (your places) After downloading and extracting zip, use http://nearby.org.uk/convert-saved-places.php to convert to KML
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How to update Google "My Maps" when Spreadsheet data changes?

You can, but it involves tricking My Maps. What you essentially have to do is load the extra spaces you might need later. In your original spreadsheet, at the bottom of your table, put a space inside ...
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Turning Google Timeline into a travel map

Timeline (https://www.google.com/maps/timeline) now has an Export this day to KML option. Checked a holiday from October, 2016 that I wanted to merge with Google's My Maps. I will have to export each ...
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Is there a legend that explains the meaning of colored geographical areas on Google Maps?

Here is an official Google blog post that contains a color legend: Discover the action around you with the updated Google Maps, Jul 25, 2016. To summarize: Orange road - freeway Yellow road - highway ...
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How to change the language on Google Maps?

Simple! Steps Click on the Menu bar on Top Left. Click Language.  It's the second one after Print, with the 文A icon Set it to your liking. Enjoy! For example i just changed my language to Deutsch ...
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What's the difference between Favorites, Want to go, and Starred places?

Those are the three "core" lists that Google Maps supplies and I guess that theoretically they have different purposes. The main difference is about the options available for each list, for example, ...
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Is there a way to export my starred locations from Google Maps?

A lot of the answers here are old and refer to the discontinued Google Bookmarks, which did seem to have this data usefully. Using Google Takeout, like the accepted answer suggests, gives you your ...
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How do I plot a bunch of points on Google Maps?

One of the simplest way is to copy your coordinates in Excel file. Go to My Google Maps. Find/create the map you want the points to appear on. In Excel, export your file as CSV Upload/import the ...
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How can I choose a different icon for each Saved Places list?

It is not currently possible to do that in your Saved Places. People keep posting feedback to request that. You could do so as well. But there is an option. There are other more customizable "User ...
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How to search for places along a route?

The earlier answer correctly points out that you can roughly do this in Google maps. However it does not lay out the alternatives very clearly. Road.li lets you put in your start point, end point, ...
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Turning Google Timeline into a travel map

So I worked out a roundabout way of getting it done You can export your whole Google Timeline history as a KML file. Annoyingly, you can't give a date range you must export the whole history which ...
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View photos in Google Maps

There is a bar in the bottom right with three small thumbnails and a double up arrow. This does not show if Google Maps is showing routing, even if the side panel is collapsed. To make this show, ...
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Cannot create new lists and cannot save places to existing lists in Google Maps

It was indeed a regional restriction. On the bottom right of the Google Maps page there is a country setting. When it's changed to another country, for example Latvia, the feature becomes available.
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How do you add a Google Maps route to "My Maps"?

Or, similar to the above, In Google Maps next to the "Send to your phone button" is a button for "Share link" Copy the web address it provides and Paste it into the web site Maps to GPX https://...
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Where are Labs for Google Maps desktop? Are they gone?

Google shut down most of their experimental labs features in 2011. The only ones that still remain are for Gmail.
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Can't remove my saved places in Google Maps

I found how to remove them, going to Menu -> Your places -> Saved -> Click on the⋮ icon of the category desired -> Edit list. Then here you could remove the location clicking on the X button: Isn't ...
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How do I rotate a Google map?

This is how you do it as of ~November 27, 2019: In the bottom left corner, hover over the "Layers" box and then click the "More" box: Select the "Satellite" map type ...
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Is there a quick way of getting a beautiful URL to a Google search query?

Well, this must be done manually, but it is so simple that maybe that is OK? Start by doing a new search, copy the URL and chop off everything from the '&' on. Now you've got something like the ...
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How do I set a default Google Maps location?

Since this question has been asked, the gear (for me at least) has become unavailable from my desktop web browser (Firefox), as has the location option under Search Settings. I was similarly being ...
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How do you find nearby supermarkets on Google Maps?

Good question, but I don't think there is currently a perfect answer to this. Google Maps doesn't know if one supermarket is more "actual" than another. What would be the criteria? Even if you wanted ...
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Can I use Google Maps to tell me how many times I have been to a specific place?

Visit https://www.google.com/maps/timeline and it will show you all the location data Google has for you. At the lower left corner, there is a link to see your most visited places, which will tell you ...
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How to view my contribution points in Google Maps?

As of 06/18/2016: Google Maps has been updated. You can easily see your contributions just by going to www.google.com/maps/contrib in your favorite browser on the desktop.
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Permanently change the units in Google Maps (from miles to km)

There is no way to change the preference permanently at this time.
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Can I use Google's Timeline to get the times I've been to a specific location?

You could use the Timeline exporter Google Chrome plugin. It enables you to view, filter and export your Google timeline data.
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Address location in Google Maps goes to middle of street

I would suggest you try with the Feedback option on the map. Search for your place in Google Maps Press Send Feedback on the bottom right side of the window Choose the relevant option (either Suggest ...
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Why is the south-Korean map using a different color scheme?

Good question. Surprisingly this is due to North Korea. South Korea initiated a law that forbids exporting local mapping data to foreign companies (like Google), because such data would be stored on ...
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How do I display CitiBike parking stations on Google Maps?

I realized the best thing to do is use a pretty awesome app called Citymapper. It's actually a maps app, but Citibike info is integrated very well, and much easier to use than the actual Citibike app.
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Metric units in Google Maps?

As of Aug 2017 you can click the scale bar (in lower right-hand corner of browser-based Google maps) and it will switch from Imperial to metric. Also, MaQleod's answer works for a single session, but ...
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