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If you follow closely the information placed over the directions provided on the mentioned site , you notice that: .... It's no surprise, then, that these two high-profile apps could work together. Google Maps and the ride-sharing service Uber have offered some level of integration for some time — you have been able to view the price and time of ...


You have to be signed-in your Google account. When not signed in you can not see the names. Once signed-in they magically appear :)


I know it is an old question but have been 8 months now since it was posted and there is no answer yet, so, as I just figure it out how to do it, I want to share the solution. You just need to set the time from one of the stops (locations) to cover the time of the wrong moving entry that you want to delete, at that moment you will see a message that says, “...


Everything you need to know is in here: I'm not able to provide any legal interprestation - but note this paragraph - bolding mine. Note that if you (a) embed a classic map, Street View panorama, or My Map; (b) use one of our APIs on the web or in an application; or (c) use Google Earth Pro, or ...

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