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How to bring back clickable Google map in Google search results?

You can use the Google Search Maps Button Chrome extension. It makes the search result map images clickable again.
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How to find my saved locations in Google Maps?

In the very top right. There, you will find your profile bubble. It is to the right of the microphone icon. Click your bubble; scroll down, and you will find your list. Cool
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Exporting Google Maps Timeline via Takeout results in an "empty" file "Encrypted Backups.txt"

After migrating to mobile-only Google Maps Timeline I wanted to download its data so I went on my phone through the steps of exporting it via Google Takeout. Google migrated your old Location History ...
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How can I make Google "My Maps" use miles?

You need to be using a VPN service to change your IP address if you're in a different country. For instance if you want to see miles, you need to find a VPN service and activate an USA location, then ...
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