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Change the base map, "Simple Atlas" view displays nicely without other default labels.


Its on the way.... It would seem a new update that adds a few noteworthy features is on the way to Google Maps. The update to version 9.41.0 isn’t officially here yet, but it has entered beta, giving us a good look at what’s coming up. The folks over at Android Police got their hands on the beta and have put together a changelog that details the biggest ...


Google Search uses a typical set of URL parameters at the search endpoint. Quick solution ` Example: ` Details: If you are familiar with match types you can construct a more sophisticated URL and beef things up a bit q= normal query as_epq = advanced search exact phrase query, meaning that you ...


To build on Tom's answer, if you are wanting simplified search strings to use as Google Chrome search engine strings, here are two examples you can copy and use/tweak: Normal Google search: Site/domain-specific Google search:

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