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My business not appearing in Google Maps?

Having Google My Business Page doesn't necessarily mean that your business will show up in Google Maps as a place label (i.e., show on the map without a user searching). According to Google: The ...
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How does Google estimate wait time?

It's a combination of: Location data from GPS, mobile network, Wi-Fi and maybe more. You can see in your location history where have you been and see that Google recognizes how long you spent there, ...
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Can I change a Google account from "business" to "personal?"

The short answer is NO, you cannot change a Google Account from Business to Personal. The good news is that the distinction you are making doesn't really make sense in this context so you can keep ...
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How to edit my business on Google My Business?

Sign in to Google My Business. If you have multiple locations, open the location you'd like to manage. Click Info from the menu. Click the section that you want to change, then enter the new ...
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Can I add more than one business to a Google My Business account?

Yeah. You can do that. Go to locations, if you want to add location of a completely new business. Google will ask you to verify the business through code sent to your postal address.
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URL to see all Google reviews for a local business

My previous answer is now obsolete as Google+ Classic was retired on January 2017, but the good news is that now it's possible to see the reviews of a business from the Google Search and from Google ...
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