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Resizing photos in Google+ to standard size

Google already has a built in way to convert your pics from original quality to High quality. https://support.google.com/photos/answer/6314648?hl=en Reduce the size of your photos & videos To ...
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URL to the list of public Google Plus photo albums?

Since Google Plus is shutting down in April 2019, I was looking for a replacement to share multiple shared albums via one URL (one page). And the solution I found is this: create a new site using ...
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How to upload existing albums to new (2015) Google Photos?

The Google Photos API does not support what you, and many other people, want to do. The correct answer to this question is that as of July 2016 there is no way to do what you want to do using Google ...
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Change my album from unlisted to public in Google+

Google+ Photos is now just Google Photos. Your photos can be found at https://photos.google.com. All of your albums are on the "Albums" page, accessible from the menu on the left. That includes your ...
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How to upload existing albums to new (2015) Google Photos?

The Google Desktop Uploader will backup images from your PC. https://photos.google.com/apps It offers the choice between "High quality (free unlimited storage)", and "Original".
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How does Google+ Photos know the location where the photos were taken in?

I know this is a year old but I suspect more people are interested. Here's a paper release by Google just a month before the question was asked: PlaNet - Photo Geolocation with Convolutional Neural ...
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