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From Youtube First type your keywords and click search. After getting the results of your search, you can then sort by clicking the filter options and selecting options related to dates, sort by "View count" for popularity. You can also use the before and after keywords to restrict the range of search. For example, to search from videos from ...


You can control location permissions for individual sites. I am using firefox and it is working for me. After opening the website click on lock icon(located just before https), click on right arrow mark and then more information. There you can see permission tab where you can control permissions. You can refer following screen shot.


I found a solution. Just went to search settings and changed "Region settings". I just find it weird that I've seen no places mentioning it.


Search for "keyboard arrow" at Open the Settings menu and choose "Advanced search" Scroll down, select the file type and hit Advanced Search: Profit! The direct link to that page is


Use the extension called "Don't track me Google". Download for Chrome Download for Firefox


You can use either | or OR. So your example could be done like this: OR gelato.

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