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Google Search results - old style

Generally, what happens is that Google does A/B testing (where some users get a new design while the rest get the old). If they decide to update the design as a result of that testing, the old design ...
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Adding content to Google knowledge panel

The only information you can actually add to a panel are social media links. The rest can only be updated. If you're not famous enough, you simply don't have those options. For example, I can only ...
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All links for switching to Maps are missing from Google Search results

There are two typical causes. You might be part of an A/B testing experiment. There might be something on your regular browser that might interfere with the normal work of the web application, in ...
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Is there a way to get Google Search to give you definitions for words in languages other than English?

TL;DR Google is great at assuming, but terrible at mind reading. If your search is ambiguous, and you want results in a specific Google Dictionary language, make the query less ambiguous. For example,...
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How to make Google to display results in IPA?

Preamble There are two English dictionaries licensed by Google, the New Oxford American Dictionary (NOAD) and the Oxford Dictionary of English (ODE). While there is substantial overlap in their ...
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