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Well, I have a solution for you. If you can find the image on site in your country, copy the URL of the picture instead. Use google for reverse image search and insert the URL instead of the image...results are much better.


UPD (01/2022): Just found out that Google no longer accounts for - (minus) in lr and cr parameters. Only the third option with uBlacklist extension works now 😞 I'm also from Ukraine, and I tried to tackle this problem in a few ways, so I just want to add a more detailed answer. There are a few options: 1. lr=-lang_ru in search URL (as suggested by Alex) ...


Getting no results when searching for news in the last 24 hours during a weekend using site:edu might be completely normal, specially for science / academic related keywords. Now (Monday afternoon) I'm getting 7 results. Try using other filters like Past week or wait or keep trying until you get some results.

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