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You could simply copy your cell and then paste the formula only. That will preserve any borders. Copy cell (CTRL+C) Select the target-area (the area, which you'd normally drag that cell down to) Right Click the selection -> Paste special -> Paste Formula Only


I figured out a way that is almost as good. Early on in Google sheets double clicking the paintbrush icon worked. Why Google removed that I don't know. But while you can't make the paintbrush icon "stick" anymore, what you can do is: click the cell (or range of cells) whose format you want to copy. click the paint-format paintbrush icon (to copy format). ...


For now, I have worked around the issue by rotating the text down instead of up. Although this doesn't achieve the alignment aesthetic I wanted, it will suffice for now, and clipping end of value text works properly.


You have a long header cell that you have rotated to save space. However, when the height of the row is shortened, a "long" value is effectively right-aligned so that the end of the value is shown rather than the beginning. As noted by @marikamitsos, it's not possible to do what you wish. However, wrapping the text is a good work-around to display the ...

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