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To my experience most methods fail. The one I find most useful is: Write the fraction as a formula: =19/20 Under Format -> More Formats->Custom number format use: _# ??/??


Use the format option : or Format -> Number -> More Formats -> Custom number format... Solution 1 : Use 0.0"/20" as a custom format on the cell containing 19.5. WARNING : It has still the value 19.5 but is display as 19.5/20. Solution 2 Use the ??/20 custom format on a cell with =19.5/20 Long story short : it has the value 19.5/20 = 0.975 ...


Put the numerator and denominator in different cells. Use an extra column to calculate the decimal representation of the fraction (eg d2 = b2/cd) to use in calculations, and convert the original cells to text for display use.

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