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How to make Google Sheets draw trends in a spreadsheet

Use the SMA (Simple moving average). It works as follow Take W points back (e.g. 3, 5 or 10, that's your window size) and do an average for them. This will create a new point Use those newly created ...
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2 votes

How to automatically fill missing data in Google Spreadsheet

There's multiples ways to do this : I used =Trend but =Growth works too. =TREND(C2:C11,A2:A11,A12:A24) =Forecast is an amazing function too. =FORECAST(A3,$B$2:$B$11,$A$2:$A$11) You can use ...
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Compare dates from two years in a graph when dates not identical in Google Sheets

I know this is an old question, but I found it whilst trying to solve the same problem, so hopefully my solution might be of use. I added two columns with formulae to calculate the year and the day of ...
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1 vote

Is Google Sheets capable of making a gantt-like chart like this? If so, how?

not really, but it can be built (based on the sheet you provided):
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