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You can do it by creating a new filter view and filtering out eggplant Go to menu > Filter views Create new filter view Deselect eggplant OK After creating the filter view, within the chart setting you are given the choice to Include hidden/filtered data


Create a clone table but in the cells that would import the numbers use =0+reference_cell. Example: let's assume that Dates is recorded in A1, 10/21/2019 is recorded in A2 and so on, therefore Arugula is recorded in B1, 4 is recorded in B2 et cetera. In such case, if e.g. AA1 is blank you may select it and type =A1, then drag-and-drop AA1 to the right and ...


Can you create a new column that has the data you want, and then chart that? For example, add a column with the sum of the data on the right, and then chart that column. That seems more straightforward to me and easier to understand.

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