This worked for me, via file -> import -> upload: contents of test.csv: =HYPERLINK("www.google.com"),howdy =HYPERLINK("www.facebook.com"),yup


for me, @serenesat got me in the right direction, but it did not work. I got the import to Google Sheets to work by doing this: Ensure that the CSV contains the HYPERLINK formula, and I used quotes (double, e.g. ") for all my data, and then two double-quotes (e.g. "") inside the text for a cell to get a quote in the imported data. Example: "Id";"...


After waiting a while and coming back to the problem, I stumbled upon a solution that's better for someone like me who knows nothing about apps script (though I'll grant that Rubén's solution did provide some useful links and probably would have solved my problem if it didn't require me learning apps script from scratch). Basically, I imported the text fie ...


Ok I've worked it out. Google Sheets imports the date cell as text and then interprets that cell as a date. The Locale is set as UK so it can't handle the US format date. I had change the spreadsheet Locale to US, use the =TO_DATE(INT(A2)) formula and then create a custom format on that column to show the date in UK format.


d/m/Y is an ambiguous date formatting. It's very likely that this occurs because the spreadsheet regional setting used in the spreadsheet doesn't support d/m/Y as a date formatting. Please note that the screenshot included in the question shows column J values having a "day" value greater than 12, with exception of 11/01/2019 have the a white cell ...

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