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Possible to add a third color to a 'bar' sparkline?

Although it is not documented in SPARKLINE function (Google Docs support) you can now specify more than 2 colors using the same color[#] syntax that is used for the first two colors. For example, the ...
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How to make a bold sparkline in Google Sheets?

Yes, it is parameter linewidth. Example : =SPARKLINE(L4:L;{"linewidth"\3}) Reminder on how to construct a =sparkline : =SPARKLINE("range",{"charttype"\"line","xmin"\0,"ymin"\0,"color"\"orange","...
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How to make a SPARKLINE with text (data label) in Google Sheets

Google Sheets creates sparklines via formulas so it's not possible to have the value and the sparkline bar at the same cell. You can put them in adjacent cells and remove the border so it'll look like ...
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Possible to add a third color to a 'bar' sparkline?

From the question: Is there a way to set the 3rd color to be different from the first color? No, there isn't. According the the SPARKLINE official help article, the options for a SPARKLINE bar chart ...
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SPARKLINE function with LOWCOLOR and YMIN doesn't get along very well

I don't know if that is realy possible, but what about a result like this? the cell below has the same sparkline formula but with "charttype", "winloss"
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Possible to add a third color to a 'bar' sparkline?

You may switch the color by add "a3bc9f" (the color code in double citation mark) to change the color. Like this: =SPARKLINE(B4:C4,{"charttype","bar";"color1",...
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