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Google Sheets: how to format currency with numbers right-aligned but +/- and $ left aligned and padded with spaces?

Use this custom number format: _-"$"* #,##0;-"$"* #,##0 See Number format tokens.
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More computational capabilities per spreadsheet

Some tasks are done by client-side JavaScript, meaning the spreadsheet uses the device's resources to open and edit it. In this case, using a computer with more resources and better performance might ...
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I'm looking for a way to return multiple values in an array formula on Google Sheets - haven't been able to find a solution

You can use BYROW to apply your working formula to the whole array. Look at column G: =BYROW(A3:A,LAMBDA(each,IF(each="",,JOIN(char(10),IFNA(filter(I:I,each=H:H,M:M="Basic Obedience&...
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How to rename a series in Google Sheets chart?

Another approach is by generating your chart from a different range that imports data from the original source and includes a header row, for example: Showing formulae:
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