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Questions about Google web applications on a broad level. If you are talking about the web search application (,,, etc.) use the "google-search" tag instead.

General guidance

Use this tag if you're talking about Google web applications in general.

If your question is about the web search application (i.e.,,, etc.1, use the tag instead.

1: Google Supported Domains

Tags for specific Google web applications

For question about specific Google web applications use the corresponding tag:

There are a lot of tags that use "google" as part of their name like , the following do not:


To search for some of the questions that include a "google" try writing [google*] in the search box of this site (sample)

Tags for Google specific features related to web applications:

Searching for [google*]

If you write [google*] the search will become a list of the top 20 tags sorted by the number of questions, but there are many more tags.