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13 votes

How can I download my Gravatar icon?

You can request anyone's avatar with curl like this on MacOS X: curl "$(md5 -q -s [email protected])?s=300" > avatar.jpeg Or like this on Linux: curl "...
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4 votes

Setting Gravatar images to same by disregarding any plus addressing in emails

Five years later, but you can now (and for quite some time) add additional email addresses to your Gravatar account. Just log in to your account, add the email address, click the link in the confirm ...
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2 votes

Can someone find my Gravatar profile if they have my email address, or Gravatar URL associated with that email address?

if anyone has your email address, they can access your gravatar profile and any information you set to publicly visible. A simple request to{MD_5_HASH_OF_YOUR_EMAIL}.json ...
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