Someone has started maintaining an "Unofficial" HackerNewsAPI in github: https://github.com/thekarangoel/HackerNewsAPI (I have no first hand experience of using this API) UPDATE Oct 7 2014: Hacker News has an official API : Today we’re excited to launch an official Hacker News API. We’ve partnered up with Firebase (YC S11) so that the data we’re ...


Hacker News just launched their official API: https://github.com/HackerNews/API


They stopped showing average karma because it was gamed by some users. I reached out to Daniel from Hacker News, for comment; We used to display average karma but some users were gaming this by deleting all their comments that didn't get upvoted. I'm not sure the number is that meaningful. PG never was on the leader board because he specifically ...


I think it wasn't working because I didn't have an email address for my account. When I added one, then I started seeing comment boxes in the UI.


It's now possible to fetch all comments you've upvoted - the link is https://news.ycombinator.com/saved?id=<your ID>

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