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There is no way to prevent Blogger from doing this: the Post-editor does not support all aspects of HTML, and so some unsupported elements that you add will be removed (e.g., <p> tags), while others (e.g., tables) will be kept even though there is no way to create them in Compose mode. I do not have a list of which HTML elements are and are not ...


GitHub uses Markdown (specifically a custom 'flavour' thereof), and in Markdown you can escape backticks in code by using double backticks: If the word or phrase you want to denote as code includes one or more backticks, you can escape it by enclosing the word ...


IMPORTHTML doesn't works because the page you are trying to scrape use JavaScript to add the data tables to the page. Google Sheets doesn't have built-in functions that are able to scrape data that is isn't included on the source code. Related How to know if Google Sheets IMPORTDATA, IMPORTFEED, IMPORTHTML or IMPORTXML functions are able to get data from a ...


This is the closest I have been able to get: Upload your HTML file to google drive Open the file by double-clicking and select "open with google docs" This way docs will try as much as it can to render the data. what I got:

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