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Zapier now supports Instagram for Business which means that you can use it to automatically publish posts on Instagram. You must first convert your account to Business (It's free and available to anyone). For the Twitter -> Instagram workflow you can use to screenshot your tweets. This blog post has detailed instructions on how to do it: ...


Matter is with SEARCH() returning error when failing to find your criteria. To avoid that wrap your SEARCH() in IFERROR() like this: =IF(IFERROR(SEARCH("wheel", A41),),"car", IF(IFERROR(SEARCH("banana", A41),),"fruit","No matches"))


Use Zapier for integrating applications: Gmail, Google Sheets, Google Contacts: a. Connect your Gmail and Google Sheets applications. b. Connect your google sheets and Google Contacts applications. Capture a new Gmail message event. Push your message content into Google Sheets. Within google sheets parse your message content using regular expressions. Select ...

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