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How to rotate video on Google Photos?

Google plus is not available anymore. Steps to rotate Open the Google Photos App on your mobile device Tap on the vide you wish to edit Tap on settings at the bottom of the screen You have the ...
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4 votes

How to rotate images saved in Google Drive

There is a native way: access Google Photos. First you need to enable google drive pictures as shown here. Please once in that page, read below "View & edit photos stored in Google Drive using ...
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4 votes

What does the "pop" function do when I'm editing a photo?

The pop effect is simply an increase in local contrast.
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1 vote

Does trimming video on affect the quality of the trimmed video?

YouTube keeps the original file you uploaded to them and uses that when trimming the video. So it'll get indeed reencoded, but you won't really see a loss of quality if you have enough of a buffer in ...
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How to rotate video on Google Photos?

One workaround is to add rotation metadata to the original video file using ffmpeg, which can be done without having to reencode the original video. Unfortunately as you can imagine this requires the ...
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Can I resize an image (Drawing file) in Google Drive?

You can resize the drawing in inches- centimeters, points or pixels in the File->Page Setup menu. I know this question is currently nine years old but Google pointed me here so I will get a current ...
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