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You don't have a "Select" portion to your QUERY, so there is "NO_COLUMN: Col7," because you haven't "Select(ed)" any columns. Try this: =QUERY({IMPORTRANGE("1GoKFiJjBKcGQGGi6JMvk9xD5TIypsNSmpLCTeadWQnU","'BDD PROYECTOS'!A2:AP");IMPORTRANGE("1jiE-8ciu-BzfIxts5Y6d-Yi8gjhgx4dvS4EQMK0Conc","'BDD ...


how can I do it directly from the summary sheet? Your summary sheet is just another tab =SUMIF('summary sheet'!A31:B41,"A",'summary sheet'!B31:B41) Your summary sheet is a different spreadsheet altogether Neither SUMIF nor SUMIFS work well when referring to a different spreadsheet. In this case you should use a combination of the QUERY function ...


@ttarchala provided a very helpful answer. If you need to invert the selection you can simply do it like this: =filter(C52:F57; ISNA (match(C52:C57; I53:I54; 0)))


You have an aggregate — SUM(Col17) — which means you need to GROUP BY some column (e.g., add "GROUP BY Col1" to the QUERY before LABEL). If you don't tell the QUERY how to organize (i.e., GROUP) the aggregate function, it will throw an error.

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