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Disable daily notifications from Google Calendar App in Slack?

Write /gcal settings (In slackbot or another thread) and you can configure it there
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Show GitHub commits in a Slack channel

If you're also wanting to get notified on repositories which are not your own (e.g. we use this for new commits to master on Docker containers we use) then you can grab the RSS feed link from the ...
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How to send custom link to the buyer after purchase?

You can use eBay Platform Notifications which are triggered by events on the eBay site such as such as the ending of a listing, when the buyer has won an auction item (ItemWon) or when the listing had ...
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Why is Instagram's Swarm check-in so awful?

I heard you, I used to rely on Instagram for the same workflow - publish to Facebook, Twitter, Swarm and Tumblr. Sometime soon after Facebook's acquisition of Instagram, they ditched FourSquare's ...
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Show GitHub commits in a Slack channel

Another option that might be useful to you is Zapier's Github-Slack integration: You can push new commits, issues, branches, and other events to Slack as a DM or channel message, or send your Github ...
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Qualtrics + Google Spreadsheet integration

This is certainly possible, and I implemented this last year. Just set up a timer to run this. You can also use Google sheets query function, but it is not as reliable and can create a lapse of data ...
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Sync Google Calendar to Toggl?

One possible way I found is Zapier, it can react on finishing a Toggl activity and copy it to your Google calendar. It has some options and all, it's convenient but the free Zapier account only allows ...
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How can I show people with their location on Google Maps?

If you follow closely the information placed over the directions provided on the mentioned site , you notice that: .... It's no surprise, then, that these two high-profile apps could work ...
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Does TimeCamp powerup for Trello require a paid plan?

No, TimeCamp power up for Trello doesn't require a paid plan, because, as it's mentioned on Trello pricing plans page, a free plan includes one power up per board.
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How to Automate Adding Rows of Analysis for Excel Dashboard Feed Integration

I'm no Excel guru, but I think this page on the CommCare Help Site goes through the steps to do at least some of what you're talking about:
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