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Insert a linebreak in a Google Spreadsheet cell on an iPad

Per David Wreesman: each line needs to be in quotes, with &char(10)& in between each line. For example, ="Dear Jane,"&char(10)&"I love you."&char(10)&"...
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Buttons don't work on iPad with Google Sheets - the onEdit(e) workaround isn't working. Suggestions?

Event object fields are text strings, but if you use .getRange().getValue() to get the real value in a cell, the possible values of a checkbox cell with default settings are the Booleans true and ...
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Why have Pink shading on Google Maps as it reduces visibility & is thoroughly annoying

Unsure - but it sounds like a software fault that needs at least an update or (better) reinstall of the application. I say this as we had an instance where bits of maps would disappear leaving holes ...
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