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How to Download Live Photos from Amazon Photos

I had this problem too and found a solution, by accident. On a Windows 10 PC, get the Amazon Photos App from the Microsoft store. Choose the "Download" option from the left menu: Select &...
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Download picture from a Gmail draft

Finally, found a way to do it (while still using a draft). On the iPhone, click the as usual to insert the image ; however, this is the default, and the image is loaded as part of the html mail, so, ...
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How do I disable Google AMP in search results on iOS?

As of iOS 15, you can use the Safari extension Amplosion to automatically redirect away from AMP links.
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Set format of mail forwarded from Gmail to SMS

I'm afraid, no, there's not a way to do that with just Gmail filters. There's no option to remove formatting or to just send the plain-text version. (Normally I'd recommend my favorite ...
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