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How do I display the results of console.log in JS Fiddle?

click on that arrow next to JavaScript and as FRAMEWORKS & EXTENSIONS select No-Libary (Pure JS) paste your console.log('foo'); in JS box under Resources add https://rawgit.com/eu81273/jsfiddle-...
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Update JSFiddle result on separate window

The older answer wouldn't work. What I found that works is appending show/ to the url, like http://jsfiddle.net/wptc/cgGXe/show/ It should give you just the result tab.
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Can I use the Fullscreen API in JSFiddle?

Use http://fiddle.jshell.net/your-fiddle-id/show/light/ for example this fiddle URL. This will open it without any frames.
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how to search JSFiddle code of interest?

Yes, there is a way. Go to google.com and type site:jsfiddle.net <search term>
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How to make a JSFiddle anonymous without logging out?

There's no way to do this without logging out, but you can open an incognito window (Ctrl/Cmd + Shift + N for Chrome, or your browser's menu bar → New incognito window) and go to jsfiddle.net and ...
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Is there a direct link to the latest revision in JSFiddle?

Adding /latest/ to the end of the URL seems to work.
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How do I add Frameworks and Extensions to the new JSFiddle?

After playing around with a fiddles to see when something is private and when something is public i found the HTML/CSS/Javascript labels in the top-right corners are actually buttons. By clicking on ...
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How to Reorganize your private Fiddles

Bit late I know, but I came across the first part of this problem myself today. In Fiddle Meta, on the left hand side of the fiddle, you can enter a description. This will be displayed under the ...
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How to make a JSFiddle anonymous without logging out?

Unfortunately there's no way to save a fiddle (or a forked fiddle) in JSFiddle as anonymous without logging out. That is an interesting idea, and would make a good feature request, however.
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How do I delete an anonymous JSFiddle?

You can (now?)... maybe... If you log in (create an account first if you don't have one) and visit the fiddle, on the left hand side an option will appear called Removal request, and below that you'll ...
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Is there a direct link to the latest revision in JSFiddle?

Not 100% fit with your demand but nearly! When you log into JsFiddle, at the top menu bar, you'll get a Set as Base button, which will make the revision you're working on the base version. And then ...
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Code folding in JSFiddle

On January 2018, this feature moved to development in their trello board. And the comment about starting development: Oskar Krawczyk: moved this card from Accepted to In Development This comment ...
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How to delete obsolete JSFiddle versions?

Even though it is not possible to remove specific version if you need to delete all the older versions I think the workaround is to create a Fork from the last version and Set as base that version and ...
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