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44 votes

Shortcut key to edit cell in Google Sheets

You can just press the Enter key and it should start editing your current cell.
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44 votes

Are there YouTube keyboard shortcuts for moving forward and backward through a video's chapters?

There now are: Ctrl+→ and ← on Windows, ⌥ opt+→ and ← on Mac. You can see a list of all shortcuts on YouTube by clicking on your user avatar in the top right corner and then selecting "Keyboard ...
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30 votes

Keyboard shortcut to access the first link in a Google search page?

You can open the first link populated by Google search by pressing: tab enter enter After pressing the tab key, a dialog box appears saying "Skip to main content" Additionally, after pressing tab ...
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30 votes

What is the hotkey for adding rows in Google Docs?

Pressing Tab when the cursor is at the rightmost of the bottom row automatically adds a new row below it. It's quite handy if you don't know how many rows you need in advance and require them as you ...
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22 votes

Keyboard shortcut to merge cells in Google Sheets

There doesn't seem to be a native shortcut, but you can use Alt+O, M, and then Enter to select "Merge All" quickly from the dropdown menu.
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21 votes

Keyboard shortcut to close the ads on YouTube

The keyboard shortcut to skip the ad at the beginning of a video is Tab and then Enter. There is no keyboard shortcut to skip ads in the middle of the video. Other things to try Install Greasemonkey ...
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21 votes

Google Docs strike-through shortcut not working on Mac in Chrome

I eventually tested on a 3rd Mac and it worked. It turns out it was a Chrome extension using that same shortcut on my 2 Macs. I don't know why Incognito mode didn't solve this. You can see the ...
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18 votes

Paste format only in Google Spreadsheets with Chrome as the browser

cmd + c then, cmd + alt + v works for me on a Mac. Ctrl + C then, Ctrl + Alt + V works on Windows
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15 votes

Keyboard shortcut for jumping to Google Sheets formula bar

There isn't one. If the cell is blank, just start typing. If the cell has content, press F2 and you'll be able to edit. (Microsoft Excel is the same.) I'm afraid if you want to get into the formula ...
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14 votes

Are there keyboard shortcuts to zoom in a Google Document?

I was looking for this as well and did some digging. Google Docs now has keyboard shortcuts to zoom in and out of the document (and not the webpage itself). The shortcuts are: Zoom in: Ctrl+Alt++ or ⌘+...
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13 votes

Gmail attach file keyboard shortcut

There's no a specific shortcut, however, while composing the body of the email, hit Tab three times. (The first hit moves you to the SEND button, the second one moves you to the Schedule Send arrow, ...
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13 votes

Keyboard shortcut to merge cells in Google Sheets

Use @Pikachu's solution (Alt+O,M,Enter) for the first one then use Ctrl+Y (Edit - Redo) for the rest. This assumes you're doing them one after the other, as I am.
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12 votes

Gmail keyboard shortcut to "expand all"?

As per comments, once you enabled Keyboard shortcuts on in mail > Settings, you can use ; for "expand entire conversation" and : for "collapse entire conversation". This and ...
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11 votes

How can I disable the CMD + ENTER Gmail "send email" shortcut?

I've been able to resolve this issue by enabling Gmail's "Undo Send" feature. CMD + Enter still triggers sending, but I now have a 10-second window to catch it before it is actually sent. Send or ...
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11 votes

Is there a shortcut key for changing Google Sheets text color to the "last color"?

If the last action that you made was to apply the color then use Redo Ctrl + y
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11 votes

Is there a shortcut key for changing Google Sheets text color to the "last color"?

Here are the steps: Press Alt + / Type the color (eg. blue, red etc) Hit Enter Alt + / is like a command palette for all available commands. It's in Help menu.
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10 votes

Keyboard shortcut to access the first link in a Google search page?

Hello from the year 2021. Google does not provide shortcuts (yet/anymore) to navigate through the search results. However, there is a handy browser extension to solve the problem: Web Search Navigator ...
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10 votes

Hot keys to switch between tabs?

On Firefox used Alt + Up and Alt + Down to move the worksheet and avoid conflicts with moving the browser tab.
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9 votes

Shortcut to insert new row in Google Spreadsheets?

Discovered an easy shortcut for Mac. First, select the whole row. CMD-OPTION+ to insert a row above. CMD-OPTION- to delete the selected row.
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9 votes

What is the shortcut key to toggle between Suggesting and Editing modes in Google Docs?

Mode Switch (KB Shortcuts) Mode PC Mac Switch to editing Ctrl + Alt + Shift + z ⌘ + Option + Shift + z Switch to suggesting Ctrl + Alt + Shift + x ⌘ + Option + Shift + x Switch to viewing Ctrl + ...
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9 votes

What is the hotkey for adding rows in Google Docs?

if you are with Chrome browser: press LEFTALT + O + 2 + B for adding row below or press LEFTALT + O + 2 + A for adding row above press LEFTALT + O + 2 + E for deleting a row if you are with an ...
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8 votes

YouTube shortcuts when focus is outside of the player

Here's some: f: fullscreen/normal j: backward k: play/pause l: forward
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8 votes

Keyboard shortcut for indenting bulleted list in Gmail message editor with Mac

I am able to use the following shortcuts: Indent: Command + } Outdent: Command + { or Enter
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8 votes

How can I make multiple non-contiguous text selections in Google Docs?

A simple one-step non-adjacent text selection functionality like Ctrl + click is not currently available in Google Docs. However, I have found a work-around which is able to achieve non-adjacent text ...
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8 votes

Keyboard shortcut to merge cells in Google Sheets

Use @Pikachu's solution (Alt+O,M,Enter). On a mac the equivalent is control+option+O,M,Enter.
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8 votes

"Send and archive" in Gmail using keyboard

A quick keyboard substitute for "Send and Archive" -- as noted by Paul Anderson on this Google+ page -- would be to press TAB and then ENTER (or SPACE). As long as the "Send and Archive" button is ...
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7 votes

Shortcut key for moving cards up or down in Trello

The Shortcusts for Trello Chrome Extension lets you move cards to the top. It's open source and there is a GitHub Issue on it to add shortcut for Card Move Up/Down. (Any JS developers willing to pull ...
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7 votes

Gmail keyboard shortcut to indicate meeting attendance

There's no way to to this out of the box. I added custom search engine with keyword "yes" and search string javascript:[...document.querySelectorAll('div[role="button"]')].filter(i => i....
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7 votes

Keyboard shortcut for Google Translate's 'Swap languages' button

You can easily swap languages using: Ctrl+Shift+S     - Windows Cmd ⌘+Shift+S   - MacOS
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6 votes

Shortcut key for monospaced character format in Confluence

The way I do this is pretty simple, I added a bookmark/shortcut that executes the click on the monospace button like so: javascript:$('#rte-monospace').click(); If you use Google Chrome, simply ...
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