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Just hit TAB the necessary number of times and hit SPACEBAR when the X is highlighted.


CTRL + SHIFT + V doesn't work any more. Use Enter > CTRL + V > Enter instead.


First highlight the range where you are going fill with data, including the row/cell with the initial data. Enter the initial data, (on Windows) press Shift+Enter (to get to the last row in the range) then press Ctrl+D. This will copy down all values by column.


This post is currently the top search result on Google so here is an alternative (albeit still indirect) method: With the card open, press E (shortcut to edit the description), then TAB four times. This should put you directly into the new comment text box.


On a macbookpro fn+downarrow will page down, and fn+rightarrow will move to the end of the browser page. fn+rightarrow works as intended on browser pages fn+rightarrow does not do anything in Google Docs


Add this Chrome extension to get rid of YouTube ads. Link: You won't need to wait 5 seconds anymore to watch the next video and this extension removes the bottom popovers as well. Below are the steps to install this extension to your Chrome browser (for newbies). ...


Here's a good chrome extension Evernote Shortcuts Few shortcuts which it offers: General options: ? show the help dialog A Add a note / search notes W goto Workchat S goto Shortcuts N goto Notes B goto noteBooks T goto Tags C goto Contiguration Dialogs: Enter accept ...

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