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There is a good way: Include the word "Attach" in your sign. If you try to send an e-mail with "Attach" word without attachments, it will ask you if you are sure, so you can avoid auto-sending. Before sending the e-mail, you should delete the word "Attach", attach the files (if you have something to attach) and send the e-mail. ...


If you want to use it to preserve original position number copy values that you get from applying formula and paste only values without formulas with Ctrl + Shift + V


Freeze rows and columns in Google Sheets Mobile app On the Google Sheets Android or iOS app, it’s actually even more easy to freeze a row or column. Here’s how: Open the sheet and tap on the “Sheet” tab at the bottom. Now scroll down and you will see two options “Freeze rows” and “Freeze columns”. Click on the upward and downward arrow next to them to select ...


Just came across this post when I was looking for "how to go to the bottom of google docs". Didn't find any solutions and went ahead and tried by using a random combination of keyboard shortcuts on my Dell laptop. Control + Fn + Home ==> Took me to beginning of the page. Control + Fn + End ==> Took me to the bottom of the page. It may not be ...


This excel formula pretty-printer worked pretty good on my google spreadsheet: Before: =ifs(OR($I111="Elixir",$I111="Collectible",$I111="Lootbox"),,$AS111<='Items Statistics'!$H$22,1,$AS111<='Items Statistics'!$H$33,12,$AS111>'Items Statistics'!$H$33,12) After: =ifs( OR( $...


Select all of the files you want to have a shortcut, Then right-click on them, and go to "Send to" Then press on Desktop (create shortcut) If you want to make the shortcuts be made in the same folder as the original file then instead press "Create shortcut" 2 buttons beneath the "Send to" button. If you do this the shortcut ...


If you are using Alfred which I highly recommend for every day workflows and tasks (it is Mac based) then you could use this workflow to replace CMD + Enter with Tab + Enter which does the trick perfectly. Alfred workflow Gmail Send and Archive


The equivalent for German keyboards is ü. So it's Ctrl + ü for current date Ctrl + Shift + ü for current time Ctrl + Alt + Shift + ü for current date and time

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