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I had a somewhat similar problem and found the following solution: 1) Open the Master Slide; 2) Select "Colors..." at the top of the Master Slide; 3) At the "Theme colors" dialog (right-hand side of the screen), select "Link"; 4) Pick the desired link color and it is finished...


Your first formula worked for me. Perhaps there's something off about the way you've formatted one of the URL's?


It looks like this feature wasn't around when this question was asked, but things have definitely changed :) source


As You can see from the prefix it's JPEG file encoded by base64 binary-to-text encoding scheme. So, it's not a hyperlink but the whole file instead. Technically, You could use this in HTML, CSS, etc to save some extra requests and/or issues with offsite resource not being available anymore. Various browsers and scrapers used to use that just to download ...

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