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This is not possible; YouTube comments only support very basic formatting, as described e.g. here or in this video: Add formatting to comments Add style to your comment You can use rich text to format your comment with common special tags, such as: *bold text* → bold _italicized text_ → italics -strikethrough text- → strikethrough ...


The two best options I've concocted so far, given a link to a msgid search with original URL are: Use a http-only redirect link and remove the user-id-enumerator ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ ^^^^^...


In your spreadsheet the issue is that the hyperlink as well as your named range DATE_RATES are dates. In this case you do not need the & but the DATEVALUE function. Please use the following formula: =INDEX(GBP_RATES, MATCH(DATEVALUE(A1), DATE_RATES, 0)) Functions used: DATEVALUE MATCH INDEX

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