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How to programmatically create/download Google Takeout archive?

Currently (April 2021), has options to either perform a one-time export or to schedule exports every 2 months for a year (6 archives). The archive can be delivered as a ...
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How can I download a huge folder from Google Drive?

Use the open source command-line tool drive to sync the whole folder to your local hard disk recursively, downloading the contained files recursively instead of in one huge ZIP archive. Use a command ...
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Export CSV from a Google Spreadsheet page from command-line

Doing it from bash is very straightforward. All you need to do is run: curl -s -d /dev/null > mydocument.csv dos2unix ...
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Gmail sometimes sends mail if I paste URL w/ Ctrl+V

I can confirm this is still a problem in Dec 2017. Pasted in a quoted conversation from another thread with cmd-V (Mac). Fortunately there is a solution and it is called unsend: In the top right, ...
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How can I download a huge folder from Google Drive?

You can use rclone utility. Install via apt install rclone. Syntax: rclone copy --drive-root-folder-id 1-shared-id-XXX-YYYY gdrive: localdir where gdrive is the name of your remote that you've ...
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Control+C, Control+X, and Control+V stopped working in Google docs

Per @Rubén's third link It seems like this fixed it: Go to the "page" about:config; Search for the property dom.event.clipboardevents.enabled and set it to true.
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Is it possible to make incremental local backups for Google Photos?

EDIT: The OP updated that he's working with Linux. Keeping it for Windows users that will arrive here. For Windows, there's the Google Photos Backup Tool It would sync your photos and can be set to ...
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How to paste a Peek video/animation in Google Docs?

You cannot copy and paste the video/animation, then it becomes just a screenshot of the time when you copied it. GIF and APNG work if you instead go to the menu: Google Docs: Insert --> Image --&...
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After highlighting text in body of email it gets unselected

I know this is an old post but... If you're using the Preview pane to read your messages, the message will be marked as read after 3 seconds. When the message is marked as read, it deselects any text ...
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Alternative YouTube interface that is centered around my subscriptions and permits grouping or tagging of subscriptions?

Some solutions may be, Subscribe to YouTube channels via RSS and use your RSS feed reader to handle grouping, tagging etc. Use PocketTube (available for Firefox, Chrome, Android and iOS). It does ...
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