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Nested list in

From support in Google groups: Note: If I try to embed that into a colored container, it will push the colored background, in order to embed itself. PS: I ended up using a pool, instead of ...
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How to sort a list-like text in a cell?

Please see my important comment to your original post. However, if I go only by what is included in your post (i.e., that there is one cell with alphanumeric data wherein all numeric portions are ...
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How do I make my Instagram account appear in someone's "Suggested for you" accounts list?

Facebook (IG) gives an overview of the algorithm they use to determine which accounts will be 'suggested to you' on their website. How Instagram Suggested Accounts works In order to make the AI ...
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Can I use a drop down list to color-code a cell with Conditional Formatting, without displaying the text of the dropdown list option?

You could, using conditional formatting, also change the text color to the same color as the cell background. The ability to input a text into the cell would probably not be possible.
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How can you find or highlight all cells having validation in Google Sheets?

As I can see you need a report about all cells with data validation rules. The next code creates the sheet with name 'dataValidation report' into the active spreadsheet and puts a little report to ...
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Is this possible to create a list of groups and see only its posts on Facebook wall?

You cant create a specific list of groups, but you can see posts from your whole list of groups at the following URL The Groups feed can be pretty limited in the ...
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Can I export my Facebook friends' contact info to Gmail?

If you a have a Yahoo account you can use that mail to import facebook contact. Then you can import in your gmail account. You can follow these simple steps: IMPORT CONTATCTS TO YAHOO MAIL ACCOUNT ...
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