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How to change AliExpress' language from Spanish to English?

This is how to change AliExpress to English. Usually the problem is that AliExpress detects your country location incorrectly, thus displaying the wrong language -- here are several solutions that ...
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How to change the language on Google Maps?

Simple! Steps Click on the Menu bar on Top Left. Click Language.  It's the second one after Print, with the 文A icon Set it to your liking. Enjoy! For example i just changed my language to Deutsch ...
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How can I display the name of the month in different languages in Google Spreadsheets?

Dates are displayed based not on the browser default language, but on the spreadsheet locale, which is set in File > Spreadsheet options. You can also use the =GOOGLETRANSLATE() formula.
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How to change AliExpress' language from Spanish to English?

Try to edit and lock those cookies: aep_usuc_f  =  region=AU&site=glo&b_locale=en_US&c_tp=USD intl_locale  =  en_US xman_us_f  =  x_l=0&x_locale=en_US Source
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Make Facebook use 24h format instead of AM/PM

A solution is to change Facebook's language to British English: Settings > Language > Which language do you want to use Facebook in? Select English (UK) and now you can now create events using the ...
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How to stop Google from automatically translating search results?

Update: it seems that the wider roll-out of the feature has been cancelled by Google. At least on my side, the feature is no longer offered. I'm seeing similar comments on social networks. You should ...
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How to setup Google search to *never* return results for translated keywords?

Maybe not an ideal solution but you could create different shortcuts for Google searches in different languages, then use them (instead of as needed. For example:
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Metric units in Google Maps?

As of Aug 2017 you can click the scale bar (in lower right-hand corner of browser-based Google maps) and it will switch from Imperial to metric. Also, MaQleod's answer works for a single session, but ...
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Change the Google interface language

Changing the interface language of the Google products has clearly two answers: change the language of your account (as described by @JochemKuijpers) or changing/adding a url parameter (as described ...
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How to create multilingual posts in Facebook's new UI?

Facebook Creator Studio is required in order to publish multilingual posts.
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How to stop Google from automatically translating search results?

In your web browser go to the Language settings page. Change preferred language to English and set country to US (I didn't test other countries). In case link is broken/changed in the future here are ...
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Internationalization of the GitHub wiki or GitHub Pages?

Good question, @nic. I didn't found any official documentation about GitHub Wiki internationalization/localization, but I found an example of internationalized/localized Wiki on GitHub: JustArchi/...
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How to change menu language in

I managed to change the language in by entering it in the preferences file. Access to the file via Extra's > configuration > Preferences. it shows a json structure, with language being ...
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Google Trends keeps coming up in Chinese

in 2019,using the "" can direct to english language on google trends,but when you type some words to search it return chinese again. so there is another solution: ...
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How can I disable/reconfigure IMDB's automatic geo-location so it does not default to German?

IMDB currently uses Accept-Language header to detect the browser language. In case you need to do it anyway, the workaround will be similar to the X-FORWARDED-FOR header modification, which can be ...
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Is there a way to get Google Search to give you definitions for words in languages other than English?

TL;DR Google is great at assuming, but terrible at mind reading. If your search is ambiguous, and you want results in a specific Google Dictionary language, make the query less ambiguous. For example,...
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How to make Google ignore where I am in the world?

Set the Google Chrome Home Page and the Startup Pages to have a URL value of, and then just use the Home Page button to open this specific URL rather than ...
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How to make Google ignore where I am in the world?

When you navigate to the website go to, the "ncr" stands for "No Country Redirect". It will keep you on whichever version you initially visited.
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Can't change language on Google Account

sign in to your gmail/google account open this: change your languages. done if it is already set to the desired language (and not working), then change it to any ...
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Google is in German instead of English

Go to Underneath the buttons should be a line containing Google offered in: English Click on English
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How to make Google Search change preferred language by host without changing config?

You can probably get around it by bookmarking the language-redirect param, hl. This means appending to the URL: If there are no other params: ?hl=languageCode If there are other params: ?otherParam=...
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IMPORTXML reading decimal separator as thousands separator

Use the xPath concat function to append a text character to the imported value to force Google Sheets to threat it as text. I.E. the following formula appends a _. =IMPORTXML("http://bvmf.bmfbovespa....
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WhatsApp web app shows with the wrong language

I also use Firefox and had the same problem. My WhatsApp web was being displayed in Spanish, despite my browser language was set to English. I finally fixed it by logging out of WhatsApp web and ...
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Google is in German, why?

It probably has set a cookie when you used it there. The easiest way is to not use simply, but - you will always get the standard US version. Using it once ...
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Make Facebook use 24h format instead of AM/PM

Go the your Facebook settings on the Language and Region tab and set the Formats for dates, times and numbers under Region format to something appropriate, like South Africa (English)
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Facebook features different for other languages

Facebook is an American company and the majority of its employees are in the U.S. I'm sure they simply develop new features in English and deploy them to the "original" Facebook, then as time and ...
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How to change AliExpress' language from Spanish to English?

Bookmark it with the URL query string parameter lan=en This will work even if you delete all cookies at the end of each session. You can try it out here.
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