https://google.com/ncr Once you visit this link, Google search localization, both region and language, will be disabled for all searches after that. I've read this somewhere on the internet long ago, don't remember where, it seems to be a "secret feature", but it works, I use it regularly. To reset, delete the web browser cookies. PS: I don't log in with ...


Go the your Facebook settings on the Language and Region tab and set the Formats for dates, times and numbers under Region format to something appropriate, like South Africa (English)


I had the same problem only with Google Quick Results, like when you are checking out a movie on Google after the search, on the right side. THIS IS HOW I FIXED IT: Short version: I fixed it with changing language priorities (or removing the unwanted language) from Google Chrome (which doesn't even make sense). After saving, it worked through all browsers ...

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