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Is there a way to export my starred locations from Google Maps?

Go to https://takeout.google.com/ and select only Maps (your places) After downloading and extracting zip, use http://nearby.org.uk/convert-saved-places.php to convert to KML
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Is there a way to export my starred locations from Google Maps?

A lot of the answers here are old and refer to the discontinued Google Bookmarks, which did seem to have this data usefully. Using Google Takeout, like the accepted answer suggests, gives you your ...
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Nearby Friends on Facebook not updating?

I've seen this many times. Common causes: Location services get turned off (either in Facebook app or on the phone itself) Facebook is closed on the other person's phone. Won't update locations if ...
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How to make Google default to local currency?

Are you trying to do a search or perform a calculation? All other things being equal, Google search interprets the $ as the symbol for a US Dollar. The other 24 dollar currencies can't be specified ...
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How do I change my home address on Bing Maps?

log in to your MS account click on My Places click on 3-dots select Edit enter a valid address click on Edit button done
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